Qolory introduces everything for everyone with a collection of 14 products that come in 16 colors, each has a distinguished fragrance.

We bring you the glow of nature colors and scents in our glamorous fragrant products

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Why get a Qolory Franchise?

We’ve built a universal brand that’s customer-oriented and focused on colors, and fantastic scents. Qolory extends the opportunity to share its business with passionate and experienced owners through its franchising system. Our franchise offer different opportunities to suit variant financial capacities.

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A New Concept

Qolory Franchising system is designed to be a fragrant candy-shop. With Qolory one can enjoy the self-care products they need during the day in their favorite fragrance. All Colors and fragrances were carefully selected to match the trends in the industry.

Wide Range of Products

On its initial launch Qolory introduces 244 products in variant categories: fragrances, bath and body and home fragrances in 16 collections each has a distingusished color and fragrance. Qolory products have everything and there’s a fragrance for everyone.

Universal Brand

Qolory is designed to be universal. It’s a brand for everyone. Every color, fragarnce and product was chosen after carefull reserach. After 3 months of its launch Qolory is now in 5 countries in three continents.

We make your self-care products chic and fragrant.


Different collections with a color and a fragrance for every taste.


Products in each collection, everything you need to boost your mood.

High Quality Products

All Products are 100% Vegan

100% recycable containers

Qolory Products are Not tested on animal